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* SAFE AND NATURAL: Vet’s Urinary Support that provides a safe and natural way to bolster a healthy urinary tract function and maintain a normal healthy urinary and kidney function in pets also soothes irritated and inflamed UT tissue, promoting overall comfort and happiness.

* VETERINARIAN FORMULATED: A balance of natural ingredients, including Cranberry, Marshmallow Root, Astragalus, Liquorice Root and D-Mannose to help maintain normal lining of the urinary tract and support flushing of bad bacteria plus fights infection and crystal formation.

* NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Also contains Astragalus and Liquorice Root to promote detoxifying of the kidneys and support normal healthy bladder function.

* SUPPORTS BLADDER AND URINARY TRACT HEALTH: Cranberry is a natural source of hippuric acid and corrects pH imbalances, which may help prevent the adhesion of bacteria to bladder and urinary tract wall.

* CLASSIC CHICKEN FLAVOR: Which are easy to administer. Manufactured in the UK with quality guaranteed.

What People On Amazon Are Saying About Us...

Brilliant Product. No problems taking them. Our 13 y/o Parson Jack Russell Jenny, has a few creaky joints which unsettle her at night, after taking them she settles down for the night.

- Excellent Product 5 Stars, more if I could give them

Great value and great product. really improved the condition of my dog's coat. very pleased.

- Five Stars

Have been using this for several months and it definitely has helped our old dog with her mobility. Certainly worth trying.

- So far, so good

Excellent service and a very good quality item.

- Five Stars - Multivitamin Supplement
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